Logo and concept

With utmost respect for the history of fashion, Memiria believes in preserving the finest specimens of eyewear design. 
The exhibited items are individually picked by the store curator, all of premium, museum-standard quality.  The store takes great inspiration from the classical beauty of natural history and archaeology museums: Framed butterfly displays, taxidermy, wet reptilian specimens, great statues and idols of deities associated with wisdom and feminine prowess.
Memiria = Mímir (a figure in Norse mythology renowned for his knowledge and wisdom + Memorabilia (objects kept or collected because of their historical interest)

The logo design is inspired by ex-libris stamps and art nouveau stained-glass.

Branding course, year 3, guided by Noy Noyman​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



The brand's eyewear pouch is made of Tyvek, a lightweight, resistant material.
Each case is hand-stamped with the store's logo, ensuring a sense of exclusivity with each purchase. 

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