“Sign of the Cross” (Hebrew: “Hitstalvut”) - A project dealing with unanswered questions and missing links regarding my father’s life.
Living in different countries since my childhood, the communication between us has always been mostly digital. As the years went by, conversations became more and more formal; My father turned to the Orthodox church and I became aware of the great communication gap between us. Being left with only bits and pieces of information about him, I became too shy (and too distant) to ask him about his past.
In this project, I’ve combined my personal writings and photos, along with texts and images from all across the web (printed on yellow paper), in a struggling attempt to create a whole image of my father’s character.
The front-cover and endpaper of the book include the table of contents, with the chapter numbers corresponding to the sign of the cross gesture. The back-cover includes the definition of the Hebrew word “Hitstalvut”, meaning both “intersection” and “sign of the cross”:​​​​​​​
Done for Typography course, year 3, guided by Avigail Reiner.​​​​​​​
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